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EPIQ Media understands that fantastic partnerships will indirectly benefit our clients and community. We are proud to support The Big OC Foundation – Chase The Energy Mental Health Movement. We are also an Authorised Media Partner for Ocean Road Magazine, the No. 1 Lifestyle Magazine in Queensland.


Social Media Marketing

Platforms For Any Audience

A Social Approach To Your Brand's Marketing

We take the time to understand your brand as well as your business goals. This lets us create a custom social media plan for you that incorporates your brand’s voice into our organic strategy while ensuring our paid media strategy is aligned with your KPIs.

Organic and Paid Strategies

Our Social Media Services

Social Media Management

Our team can work with you to create and consistently share social media content specifically crafted for your brand. We use highly engaging posts to connect with your customers, build loyalty, and stay front of mind. We work with you to brainstorm content while handling the rest like planning, analysis, scheduling, caption writing, and publishing.

Social Media Advertising

Social media is jam packed full of data! Each platform contains an enormous amount of audience insights that our team can tap into. We can use highly engaging ads to target your audience based on their location, job role, relationship status, lifestyle interests, and a whole lot more. We can even target users who are similar to your existing customer base.

Social Media Strategy

Our Process

Step 1: Consultation

We begin with an initial consultation in order to gain a strong understanding of your brand. Here we will ask questions to learn more about your business and marketing goals so that we can tailor a strategy that is unique to your business.

Step 2: Research And Strategy


In our research phase, we will use all the information gathered from our initial consultation to guide us in researching more about your industry. We look your industry as a whole as well as your local competitors in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of where your brand sits in the market.



After learning about your brand and industry, it is now time to create a social media strategy specifically tailored to your business.

When building your strategy we ensure it works well with the current market dynamic as well as the perception you want to create for your brand.

After the strategy has been created, we discuss it with you thoroughly so that you know exactly what the plan is moving forward.

Step 3: Testing

Now it is time to implement your social media strategy. This typically begins with a short testing phase, where we will use a small budget to experiment with a variety of creatives and ad copy to find what works best.

Step 4: Optimisation

The final step in our social media marketing process is optimisation. Here will begin scaling the best performing ads from the testing phase, in order to generate more leads and sales.

From here we will continue to monitor your campaign’s performance and make adjustments where necessary to keep everything as cost effective as possible.

Step 5: Reporting

From the moment your campaign goes live, we begin tracking and measuring the results. As such, in every campaign we provide you with clear and concise reporting so you can stay up-to-date on the campaign’s performance.

Our Additional Work


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