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About The Client

Chris has worked hard in the last 12 months to bring his vision to life, creating the FITBET App. The only betting app that keeps its user fit and competitive among their peers, friends and families. Chris is an ex-servicing member of the Army. He is now retired and now turned entrepreneur. He is absolutely passionate about his new found business and hoping to see his FITBET App as a leading brand in all the major sporting events.

Brand Strategy, Social Media

FITBET has a vision is to build a strong brand where people automatically think of FITBET in situations such as running, sporting events or competition in Australia and eventually around the world. FITBET is a unique mobile APP designed to get people exercising more through running but putting a new element of betting to it as there is no other APP out there that does what FITBET can do. This is to invoke competitive spirit and to overcome sluggishness in achieving one’s personal target.

After months of development, FITBET was ready to launch to the market. They didn’t know where and how to start to have the reach to have a major take up of their unique APP. They needed a Brand Strategy and direction. They came to EPIQ Media to help them to crystalise their thinking, vision and market strategy to reach their goals both short and long term. 

We helped FITBET to create The Brand Strategy that clearly defines the its purpose, vision, core values and importantly understand its target audience. Through Brand Positioning and Messaging, we can articulate and create a Brand Voice that connects with FITBET’s target audience and grow his market share with more APP downloads and viral shares.


We now have a clear strategy and approach on how to market our FITBET App to the marketplace.

Chris C. Fitbet

The Brand Strategy

Branding and Marketing is like water…you will always need them, like water to the plants. If you don’t water it, eventually it will go. Branding and marketing must be done consistently and frequently.


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