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About The Client

Long lasting always-on surface coating performance with a single application. Biovanced’s vision is to reduce the impact of infectious diseases and save lives through the application of coatings that disrupt the spread of microorganisms we all encounter on a daily basis. Revolutionary technology developed since 2008 through extensive research and development to create cleaner human environments. Our service provides disruptive, always-on antimicrobial coatings that provide continuous, long-lasting surface protection across public spaces, transportation, hospitals, hotels, age care, schools, childcare, cinemas, restaurants, venues and so on.

Brand Strategy, Identity & Branding, Copywriting, Website Design, Social Media, SEO

Garry and Matt needed a new brand for their new business venture but not sure where to start and how their new business can communicate and present themselves in the marketplace due to the nature of their new business. They needed the branding, website, social media, business cards and the rest almost immediately due to some delays. EPIQ Media wasted no time and established a Brand Strategy Workshop with Garry & Matt. And soon after, we gave life to Biovanced brand. See below The Logo for more information on how the brand was defined and created. It was a very tight schedule project but we delivered on time and on budget!

  • Developed Biovanced Brand Strategy
  • Full visual branding design
    • Logo
    • Stationary
    • Website
    • Social media assets
    • Brand Style Guide
  • Defined brand promise – Real confidence for your livelihood
  • An easy website to use, update and maintain
  • Copywriting
  • SEO optimisation for the website
  • Merchandise design for T-shirts


EPIQ Media absolutely nailed it! What a comprehensive solution to our branding needs and they have gone the extra mile and delivered on time!

Garry E. & Matt T. Biovanced

The Logo

When Garry & Matt first approached us, they have a different brand name in mind for their infection control business. Further to the branding workshop and research, we came up with Biovanced. Biovanced as a brand is catchy, professionally branded and ties in directly to their core business. We needed a brand that is strong but easy to remember and use it as a verb just like Google. We also needed a colours to convey the message visually. We have settled with Fresh Kelly Green and Peacock Blue. Green is the colour of life which is associated with meanings of freshness, safety, and environment. And blue is associated with open spaces, freedom, intuition, imagination, expansiveness, depth, trust, loyalty, sincerity, wisdom, confidence, stability, faith, and intelligence.

We are worked through their Brand Strategy and defined their Brand Identity and Brand Promise. The Biovanced promise is clear and powerful – Real confidence for your livelihood. They believed that there is a lot of fake advertising and solutions in the market to take advantage of vulnerable people and businesses during the pandemic. With their promise, they want to assure the market that they are the genuine solution backed by science and proven applications.


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