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EPIQ Media understands that fantastic partnerships will indirectly benefit our clients and community. We are proud to support The Big OC Foundation – Chase The Energy Mental Health Movement. We are also an Authorised Media Partner for Ocean Road Magazine, the No. 1 Lifestyle Magazine in Queensland.


Graphic Design

Tell Your Brand Story

Designed Tailored To Your Brand

We spend time getting to know your brand so that we can create aesthetic designs that meet your needs. Whether it’s brand building, logo creation, designing your social media visuals, or stationery design we’re here to help. Our team is made up of talented creatives. We’ve spent years honing our skills and techniques, so we know exactly how to get your brand where it needs to be. No matter what creative work you need, we’ll work with you from beginning to end to make sure we nail the brief.

Brand Development

Our Graphic Design Process

Step 1: Project Brief

In this initial phase, we spend time talking with you and getting to know your brand. Our design team learn what makes your brand unique so that we can stay true to this throughout the entire design process.

Step 2: Research And Planning

After we’ve gotten a better understanding of your brand we begin our research and planning phase. Here we’ll dive deep into current industry trends and design trends to learn what your audience responds well to.

Step 3: Design Phase

We use all of our understanding gained from the previous steps to help us create a stunning design that you’ll love!

We implement the latest design principles and techniques to craft the right design for your brand.

Step 4: Feedback And Collaboration

We’ll ask for your feedback on our designs and chat with you about things you might want to be changed, tweaked, or polished.

Our Additional Work


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